[Neos] [Team] Planning 2014

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Thu Jan 16 22:53:58 CET 2014

Hey everybody

Happy new years.

After realizing we're currently completely lacking common direction and project management I've taken on that responsibility to make sure we can have a very productive year for Neos. As I see it we have to major parts to tackle, first being how we manage the project and second planning the actual work we're going to do.

For the first part I started a google document titled "Project management migration proposal" where I've tried to sum up some things regarding that topic. We already have agreement that we want to go ahead with this, but I wanted to make it more formal to be able to communicate it to the community later on. Feel free to comment and add suggestions to make sure we're going about it right. I've been in contact with Robert and he's spent some time trying to solve some of these challenges with Jira already.

"Project management migration proposal" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wxLVFuk6Limk5YkN7fZdb2AcqMWmY1AkR_MylPAqFzw

Then for the second part I started a google document titled "Neos master plan" where I collected all the major features we have already been discussing. When everybody has had time to add their additions I would like to have a planning meeting where we can discuss the prioritization and actual goals we want to set for 2014 and also try to plan our releases for this year. After we have agreed on this I will take care of putting this into our new project management tool so we can start using that instead of using documents for planning. This will make it a lot easier for contributors to know where to help and to be able to communicate our roadmap/priorities. I propose to have the meeting in week 5 since next week some of us are at T3BOARD and that'll also leave some time for every one to add their additions. I would suggest to have a meeting with those who are certain that they'll provide a large part of the development in 2014 so we can keep the meeting efficient. I've created a doodle already, so please answer that so we can make sure everybody that needs to participate are able to. http://doodle.com/3tt9ak9i9czqzmre

"Neos master plan" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ohFlpLJHVkohjFVvcayoNbADA8gC7uzL3i1rszzO278/edit#

If you have access to the Neos folder in google drive you should be able to access the documents, if not request access to the document using google.

Thanks in advance for the feedback

Best regards

Ps. There are a lot of more thoughts and work that has gone into this, but I don't want to include that here since the mail would be even longer.

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