[Neos] Neos Development 2014 Kickoff Meeting

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Wed Jan 8 16:51:47 CET 2014

Christian Müller wrote:


> as already asked in IRC, I propose to have a short kickoff for the
> development after the holiday break. [...]
> http://doodle.com/skatu4y3qht3wh8p

Thanks for setting this up!
It seems, tomorrow 1pm CET is the chosen time.

I updated the TYPO3 Neos-DiscussionMeetings wiki-page[1]/event[2] 

It probably won't be the usual "technical discussion" - but if you have 
topics you want to discuss, feel free to add them to the bottom of the 
wiki page.

[1] http://wiki.typo3.org/TYPO3_Neos-DiscussionMeetings
[2] https://plus.google.com/events/c02ecsd62d3r2i0i6tek109mhn8

Bastian Waidelich

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