[Neos] Show the actual URL on the site

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Mon Jan 6 16:56:20 CET 2014

Also in case you want to link to the domain only you should be able to use the site node available in the TypoScript context. This will be available in the view if you assign it. Alternatively you can use the UriBuilder TypoScript object to create the URL, e.g. for re-use in multiple places.

On 06/01/2014, at 16.39, Bastian Waidelich <bastian at typo3.org> wrote:

> Patric Eckhart wrote:
> Hi Patric,
>> can I show the actual url, like http://neos.mydomain.com/homepage.html
>> on the site? (maybe with fluid?)
> Yes, this should work with the uri.node / link.node ViewHelpers that fallback to the current document node if you don't specify one:
> {namespace neos=TYPO3\Neos\ViewHelpers}
> {neos:uri.node(absolute: true)}
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