[Neos] How to integrate a custom login form in Neos site layout

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Fri Feb 7 15:24:45 CET 2014

Pavlina Drosos wrote:

Hi Pavlina,

> I have fixed the problem with the logout button (in Privacy.yaml) and
> I could make a pull request to your repo with the fix if you don't mind.

Far from it, please do.

> [...] I created the plugin with the login form via TypoScript and rendered
> it in the layout.  [...] When the login form plugin is added on
> separate page, like in your demo, it works as expected and redirects to the
> profile page. Could you please help me with this and give me a hint how to
> solve it?

The rewriting of URIs between PluginViews is done via AOP, in the 
PluginUriAspect[1]. This should work as long as the "profile" PluginView 
is connected to the "login" master plugin.
In other words the *TYPO3.Neos:PluginView* node that contains the 
profile view should have the properties:

view: "UserProfile"
plugin: "<the/node/path/to/your/plugin>"

see PluginService::getPluginNodeByAction() and 

> My other question is how to make the profile page to redirect to the login
> page, when it's opened by unauthenticated user? I have setup the TypoScript
> exceptionHandler to ThrowingHandler inside my package, but I am unaware how
> to do the redirect after that.

That's still a bug in Neos: Security exceptions 
(\TYPO3\Flow\Security\Exception) should never be caught..
You can debug \TYPO3\TypoScript\Core\Runtime::handleRenderingException() 
but we need to fix that sooner rather than later..



Bastian Waidelich

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