[Neos] PHP segfault with message 'zend_mm_heap corrupted'

Marcin Ryzycki marcin at ryzycki.com
Fri Feb 7 03:17:49 CET 2014

Hi all,

Do you guys still experience the PHP issue when it dies with message 
'zend_mm_heap corrupted'? I found the post but from years ago and early 
stages of Neos about same thing.

My configuration is on PHP-FPM 5.5 with OPcache enabled and have quite 
regular (every 10min or so) entries in error.log:

[07-Feb-2014 01:39:06] WARNING: [pool www] child 5791 said into stderr: 
"zend_mm_heap corrupted"
[07-Feb-2014 01:39:06] WARNING: [pool www] child 5791 exited with code 
1 after 5.819924 seconds from start

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