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Carsten Bleicker carsten at bleicker.de
Sat Dec 13 13:03:20 CET 2014

thanks first for the new release!
i clicked a lot in the backend right now and its different to the previous release.
no more errors :) thank you!

i dont know currently much about your ideas of translating workflow should happen.
what i figured out and is confusing me is the following:

1. go to the englisch page of some page wich contains multicolumns.
2. switch to german.
3. create a new multicolumn element
4. move an existing element from the old multicolumn to the new created multicolumn element.

what happens is, that the new grid is not create in english and the content is gone on the english page.
its okay for me if i know this behaviour, but for multiple editors in different languages, this is confusing i think.

what is the basic idea behind this behaviour? what is your rule to prevend this?
should there be a message like: "you're moving content into a new structure wich does only exists in the current selected language. this will remove the content from any other languages!
if you want to create a system-language-wide new element, please create it in the language EN-US first."

other idea: should there be a message like: "this structure is available in the current language only. click to publish it system-wide in any available language"



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