[Neos] Image errors after Site import

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Thu Dec 4 12:01:19 CET 2014

Hi Ardis,

normally both (BASE64 and Resource folder) should work. Have no idea why
that fails for you. Would be interesting to see at least parts of the
xml file, that would make it easier to identify a possible bug.


Ardis Markss wrote:
> Hi Christian
> Version 1.1.2.
> I found long way for repairing. First extract all images data from
> exported xml file and decoding its from Base-64 back to image files.
> Then made file structure like Demo Install - Site.xml and Resource
> folder with decoded images and file names from db. Its looks difficult
> if you want rebuild site with thousands of images and pdf files.
> Do Neoss can import only the  Site structure and text, without any Media
> files?
> regards
> Ardis

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