[Neos] - Install - Uncaught exception

Sandro Barbieri sandro.barbieri at redsmoke.ch
Mon Dec 1 09:49:29 CET 2014

Thanks Aske,

this has been solved by adjusting memory limit to 256MB.

Now I'm hitting another error:

Uncaught exception #1045 in line 48 of /home/www-data/neos/Neos-1.2.0-beta2/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/TYPO3_Flow_Persistence_Doctrine_QueryResult.php: The database username / password specified in the configuration seem to be wrong.

I don't see any setup screen which asks for username / password so I guess I have to edit a specific file in advance.

Where is the directory/file I have to put the credentials in?


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