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Dominique Feyer dfeyer at ttree.ch
Thu Aug 14 10:53:12 CEST 2014

Currently it’s not supported to « skip » an URL parts easily. You can maybe do that with a custom route handler, but I never try. 

Maybe it could be supported by Neos in the core, but it need some love. If you have time to work on a core patch, we can help.


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Le 14 août 2014 à 05:35:03, Piseth Sok (piseth at web-essentials.asia) a écrit:

Hi List,  

In my meta menu I want short url in menu item, is it posible?  

here is my original: http://local.test/meta-menu/about-us.html  
what i want is: http://local.test/about-us.html  

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