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Dominique Feyer dfeyer at ttree.ch
Tue Apr 22 10:55:40 CEST 2014


If the code sprint for late summer if > 27th of august, I’m OK for hosting it in Lausanne.

Not too active during the last weeks … my last daughter don’t sleep that much … so free time is for sleeping currently :(


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Le 22 avril 2014 à 10:45:03, Christian Müller (christian.mueller at typo3.org) a écrit:

Hi all,

it was already some days ago but Karsten, Berit and me had a  
Coordination Group meeting to discuss things around the team and  

Also note the two doodles for codesprints below!

Here is a short summary of the topics and outcomes:

* waiting for VM from server team
* synchronization with typo3.org users should be worked on at some point
* Especially if we exclusively work on issues there
* we need to coordinate a "move day" for issues if we keep JIRA

Friendly Ghost
* concept of weekly changing is dropped just like in the TYPO3 CMS team  
(just doesn't work out)
* raise general awareness for issue tracker and review queue

Team Members
* List of Flow and Neos team users will officially be in the base  
distributions in forge
* Gerrit rights for all packages can the be based off those lists
* Christian prepares an initial list of AC to be discussed

Reducing technical barriers
* started a list of people that have access to a certain resource
* credentials given to AC "as needed", just ask people that have
* take care that each resource on the list has at least 3 people

Flow website
* no redesign
* Karsten will look at content, untangle docs

* communicate release planning better
* setup version / feature roadmap from master plan
* pre announce / define release weeks for better planning
* deprecation / supported versions policy TBD

Code sprints
* Before DevDays [1]
* Late summer [2]

Release Manager
* Neos 1.2 ask for suggestions (Aske)
* define duties (we need release management -> can delegate)
* Karsten manages Flow releases for now

Quality Guardians
* Karsten as QA will recommend people to the team

Next Meeting
* 12/05/14
* Aske invited for release planning

[1] http://doodle.com/w3surk6t4v3i8wnh
[2] http://doodle.com/dx5cb3t4pta6vrc2


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