[Neos] No content wrapping

Jürgen Kleiß juergen at kleisz.at
Fri Apr 18 20:36:59 CEST 2014

I got an answer on the irc channel :)

j-kleiss:  Hello! I have one question about the neos content collection rendering. All content inside a content collection will be rendered inside a div.neos-contentcollection. I know that this div is needed for the inpage editing feature but sometimes this div creates problems. Is there anything planed to get rid of this div?
ChristianM:  j-kleiss: yes, absolutely, we would like to make it so that you can have a content element that is directly a content collection
ChristianM:  btw. already now you can change that div to some other tag if needed
ChristianM:  and also attributes of the tag

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