[Neos] Exceed maximum nesting level of 100, thats insane!

Alexander Egorov amego2006 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 12:51:25 CEST 2014

Quote: Philipp Gampe (pgampe) wrote on Mon, 03 February 2014 00:25
> Hi Alexander,
> Alexander Egorov wrote:
> > It is really insane: first setup run took about 5 minutes. But more than
> > that: the setup failed because of too many nested calls! The memory usage
> > on last call is about 60MB! Thats an absurd. It is impossible to use this
> > CMS. You should definetely do something with that. I'm not going to tweak
> > my php config, because I will have no possibility to do this on my
> > hosting.
> This is pretty common for modern applications, especially with looping 
> calls. TYPO3 CMS has the same issue if you run some complex operations.
> The first usage needs to warm up several caches. This takes a while and also 
> stretches the possibilities of PHP.
> You should set the max_nesting_level to at least 500.
> If you cannot tweak your PHP settings, ask your host for this. If your 
> hoster does not want to change this, switch your hoster. Seriously, any 
> hoster should support modern frameworks which actually makes use of the 
> advanced possibilities of PHP.
> You can only reduce the number of nesting levels if you write longer 
> procedural, condition functions. This is not how "good" code is supposed to 
> be written because this is very error prone. Therefore Neos uses many 
> smaller functions which results in an high nesting of function calls.
> Best regards
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Thanks for response, but I have no desire to dig into TYPO3 anymore. For me, the most modern and advanced framework is Laravel. It is non-comparably faster to FLOW and implements all modern programming technics, BUT, it does not require 500 (!!!) limit of nested calls. I'm currently running about 5 sites on it and never had any problems with it. It runs out of the box on any hosting with at least PHP 5.4.

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