[Neos] Re: Own plugin / application

Rico Schueppel rs at davitec.de
Wed Apr 9 00:09:31 CEST 2014

Thanks as well. This works. 

Short comment: if you tried the example of docs.typo3.org/neos/TYPO3NeosDocumentation/IntegratorGuide/CreatingAPlugin.html, you have the plugin as a seperate package. Thus, you need to install the Policy.yaml in the respective plugin package, not in the site package.

The following works for me.
Just adjust the paths for <vendor> and <package> with respect to the example linked above.
Policy.yaml to be placed in Packages\Plugins\<vendor>.<package>\Configuration

    <vendor>_<package> _StandardAccess: 'method(<vendor>\CdCollection\Controller\StandardController->(index)Action())'
       <vendor>_<package>_StandardAccess: GRANT

The StandardController with indexAction Method is created by the kickstarter.

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