[Neos] Manipulating the body tag

Lorenz Ulrich lorenz-typo3 at visol.ch
Sun Sep 8 23:25:41 CEST 2013

Hi there

I found out that I can add manipulate the attributes of the <html>-Tag 
like this:

page.htmlAttributes = ${q(node).property('title')}
page.htmlAttributes << 1.wrap(prefix: 'id="page', suffix: '"')

Since that works, I don't have a need for this ATM, but is there also a 
way to manipulate the <body> tag? For me it's not obvious why the 
<body>-Tag is not taken from the template, while the rest of the 
structure is used. What's the reason for that?

By the way, I had the opportunity to read the Neos Integrator Guide 
today. Congratulations, guys. I'm really impressed by the possibilities, 
the clean structure and the similarity to other "languages" that make 
you somehow feel like home. Thank you.

Best regards,


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