[Neos] How to build a multi-language site

Lorenz Ulrich lorenz-typo3 at visol.ch
Sun Sep 8 23:05:56 CEST 2013

Hi Christian

 > You will want to use one site package and just create two pages "en" and
 > "de" and underneath the respective structures. Additionally you probably
 > need to adjust the lang attributes depending on the tree you are in, but
 > that should be pretty easy with CASE statement in TypoScript.

Thanks for your advice. I built my structure as suggested.

Now I'm wondering how I could load the English or German version 
depending on browser languages.

I guess there is no configuration for that. Do I need to write a plugin? 
Use some AOP the hook into the request?

Thanks and best regards,


Am 29.08.2013 11:36, schrieb Christian Müller:

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