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Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Mon Oct 14 11:00:48 CEST 2013

Rens Admiraal wrote:

Hey Rens,

thanks for all your cleanup work during the weekend, I'd like to 
nominate you "Flow housekeeper of the month"!

> I did some tries with the QA team a while ago to get the QA-Teams sniff
> packages compatible with Flow. It seems like they didn't do anything
> with it yet, so I'll do another try in some lost minutes... But more
> important I think it's a good thing if we start running the codesniffs
> regularly.

+1 did you give it another try in the meantime? ;)

> * Usage of functions in foreach / if / for / switch statements
> Do we allow this? For example:
>      foreach ($this->getSomeArray() as $v) { ....

I think there is no reason not to allow this. Especially for foreach() 
as PHP creates a copy of the subject anyways.
For if, for & switch I don't see a problem either. The function will 
only be executed once in any case.
Only drawback *could* be lack of readability, and here other CGL rules 
apply. So I'd be in favor not adding a rule for this specifically.

> * Do we allow empty catch statements?
> Example:
>      } catch (\Exception $e) { // just some comments or nothing }}

Why not and what else to do? I mean it's usually an indicator for a 
clumsy architecture but I don't think that we should add this to the 
CGL. We could however extend the CGL-section at some point adding more 
architectural topics (like composition over inheritance etc)

> * How do we format use statements?
> Will we use 1 use statement like:
>      use    Class 1,
>          Class 2;
> Or do we add all use statements on a new line?

As Aske wrote, we decided to go for one use statement per line for now.
This is also mentioned in the latest version of the CGL[1]


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