[Neos] TYPO3.Media viewhelper not cropping if property maximumWidth is set

Jan-Erik Revsbech janerik at moc.net
Sat Oct 12 08:31:43 CEST 2013

Hi awesome Neos developers and users. Working on a new Neos site I 
experience a problem with the builtin Media viewhelper. In a custom 
Element (nodetype) I specify an imagenode and render it with

<media:image image="{image}" alt="My image image"  maximumWidth="200" />

But cropping given in the Neos image inspector is not respected when the 
maximumWidth attribute is set! This happens because the viewhelper is i 
handed a "ImageVariant" domain model, and if the maximumWidth is set 
(and is less than the images width and allowUpScale is FALSE) then the 
getThumbnail method og the ImageVariant is called.
For ImageVarians, this method is correctly documented as "Creates a 
thumbnail of the original image" and thus is forgets all about the 
variants ProcessingInstructions which are needed for the cropping.

I think this is a bug. The easyest way to reproduce it is setting the 
following TypoScript

prototype(TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Image).maximumImage = 200

(default is 2560)

and then insert a Image content element, crop it with the very cool 
Image Inspector, and watch how the cropping is not in effect any longer.

Can any other confirm this behaviour, and that is it undesired?

If this is a bug, then I suggest either of these solutions:

1: Change the viewhelper, to be aware of ImageVarians, and if an 
ImageVariant is given, then add the new transformations, instead of 
creating a new ImageVarians
2: Change the viewhelper to not actually use Thumbnails, but do a scale 
transformations directly using a \TYPO3\Media\Domain\Service\ImageService
3: Change the behaviour of the getThumbnail method on the ImageVariant 
(this will probably have sideeffects)
4: Add a new method that generates a thumbnail that respects the exising 
transformations on the ImageVariant.

In my oppinoin, option 2 is the most clean.
I will create the patchset if any other can confirm the problem and we 
can agree on the correct solution.

I'm running alpha 5 and, I'm aware that a lot happened the last week, 
but from what I can see in the Gitlog, this is not changed.

Jan-Erik Revsbech

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