[Neos] Status Update: The Road to Neos 1.0 Beta 1

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Tue Oct 8 16:23:59 CEST 2013

Hey everbody,

Aske, Robert, Christian and me just did a status-update-meeting for Neos
1.0 Beta 1.

We updated the google doc, which contains all the important information:


We're planning to do a next alpha release on Tuesday next week.

Below follows an overview list for you.

The following topics are under review: Please help to get them quickly
out of the review queue:

  * Security (Helmut, Andi)
      o TODO @all: reviews https://review.typo3.org/#/c/24369/and

  * Login Screen (Tim, Rens)
      o scheduled for next week, but finished a week early. Aske will
        review it tonight.
      o https://review.typo3.org/#/c/24360/
  * New Demo Site (Sebastian Helzle)
      o currently under review, Sebastian K. will push some minor
        adjustments tomorrow morning, and then it should be merge-ready.
      o we'll continue to work on it in the upcoming weeks

The following topics are currently work in progress:

  * Resource and Media Management, estimate: around 5 workdays (Robert)
  * TypoScript Processors: will still be reviewable this week (Sebastian K.)
  * Moving Page to NodeTypes: will still be reviewable this week
    (Sebastian K.)
  * Labels (Mattes) -- @Mattes: Do you need any help in pushing your
  * Link Handling (Bastian, Rens, Tim): @Bastian: what's the status of
    this? Can it already be reviewed?
  * Navigate Component (Aske): will still be reviewable this week
  * Documentation: progressing nicely, will continue to do that
  * Sticky Menu: will be checked next week

The following topics are done and merged:

  * Page Templates (Mattias, Aske)
  * Plugin Views / Plugin Implementation (Marc, Dominique, Bastian)
      o great to have that done-done now; Dominique will still write a
        cookbook about it.

The most important non-started topics yet:

  * New Website Implementation
  * adjusted wireframe CSS
  * Views component
  * TypoScript Page Rendering Restructuring

The next update of what has changed will happen on Friday this week.


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