[Neos] urlPathSegment for routing

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Sat Nov 30 19:49:49 CET 2013

Hey Dominic
> Would it be possible to define another property? The url is sometimes only reflecting some keywords and not so nice to look at in the node tree, so I would like to separate it. Is there an easy way?
There's not really an easy way at the moment. It's still an area that needs to be improved, however you can overwrite the routing settings to use a custom route part handler instead of the FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler. I wouldn't recommend it though and it might be difficult.

> I've seen that "chapters" node type bringing the url with, but I haven't got the purpose of the chapter node type. What exactly is the difference between this two?
The chapters have no special behavior compared to a normal page in regard of the url. The difference lies in the structure of the page.

Best regards

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