[Neos] ts:render or f:format->raw

Nick Poaros nick at jamalade.com
Mon Nov 25 17:24:54 CET 2013

Hi all

sorry its me again :(

I am a little confused and also not sure if I've hit a known issue or not .

This came about when  rendering a breadcrumb.

I have set up my TypoScript to have a breadcrumb with a template path to an appropriate fluid.html. I used this in my default fluid template:

<ts:render path="parts.breadcrumb" /> 

this worked fine.

Then I was thinking about my landing page and thought it would be good not to have a  read crumb on the landing page so I followed the NeosDemoSite and used its approach to NOT rendering the breadcrumb on the landing page using layouts i.e. in Roots.ts2

# Special page type with less navigation components
landingPage < page
landingPage.body {
	# Hide breadcrumb on landing pages
	parts.breadcrumb >

Unfortunately this raised an exception on the landing page :

Exception while rendering
No "landingPage/body/parts/breadcrumb" TypoScript object found. Please make sure to define one in your TypoScript configuration. (20131125160338d76cbf)

I then realised that in the demo site the parts.breadcrumb is rendered using f:format->raw so when I changed my breadcrumb fluid template to use

{parts.breadcrumb -> f:format.raw()}

Now the exception gone and all works fine.

So which should we use? 
    <ts:render path="parts.breadcrumb" />  or  {parts.breadcrumb -> f:format.raw()}.

Also does it matter which is used?

Many thanks


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