[Neos] Beta coming up tomorrow

Rasmus Skjoldan rasmus at typo3.org
Mon Nov 11 16:33:42 CET 2013

Hey all,

Mighty awesome it is happening!

I'd really like to help with the website. I just need a place to edit content and check css etc. Can we set something up that allows me to edit and check – if we don't have a dev site already? I'm too stupid to use github :-)

Also, I didnt catch the tab-idea from Jacob. @Jacob: Could you resend your sketches in a mail to me?

Best. Rasmus

Rasmus Skjoldan
Neos UX lead / TYPO3 brand manager
rasmus at typo3.org

On 11/11/2013, at 15.36, Sebastian Kurfürst <sebastian at typo3.org> wrote:

> Hey everybody,
> just as a reminder, I'd like to tag the Beta version early in the
> afternoon tomorrow :-)
> I talked to Robert, and we agree that the website launch is *not*
> coupled to the Beta; but we should *definitely* have the website ready
> for the final. It can also be launched in the meantime. anybody who
> would be up for pushing the website even more and helping berit out?
> (It's mostly some content what's missing, anybody from the team could do
> that)
> Is that fine for everybody?
> Greets, Sebastian
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