[Neos] Installing Neos on Testserver

Dirk Koritnik koritnik at werkraum-media.de
Mon Nov 4 13:37:59 CET 2013

hi there,

i am trying to install neos alpha7 on a testserver and i am runing into problems quit soon. what i did:

install composer:
curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

update composer:
php composer.phar self-update

install neos:
php composer.phar create-project --dev --stability alpha typo3/neos-base-distribution TYPO3-Neos-1.0-alpha7

although i updated composer i still get:
Class TYPO3\Flow\Composer\InstallerScripts is not autoloadable, can not call post-package-install script

i am grateful for any help. thx.

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