[Neos] Multi-language: Translate Label using Main.xlf

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Thu May 30 01:43:32 CEST 2013

Hi Chanthorn,

you need to give the locale that you want to use to the translate
viewhelper. Probably that is missing?


On 29.05.13 03:04, Chanthorn Ngeth wrote:
> I want a website with multi-language are "de" and "en".
> I have created multi tree "de" and "en" then change html lang key while
> switch the language.
> It's work fine for me but I have one more problem is to translate label
> in Main.xlf file.
> I have created two folders are "de" and "en" inside
> MyPackage/Resources/Private/Translations/ add add Main.xlf file there.
> What it does now is all the label get from "en" folder. So could you
> give me some ideas to translate label when I switch language to "de"?

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