[Neos] Scrum Meeting Notes - 23.05.2013

Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Thu May 23 14:41:19 CEST 2013

Scrum Meeting Notes - 23.05.2013


ⓘ Permanent Scrum Hangout: http://bit.ly/FlowHangouthttps://notes.typo3.org/p/renaming-technical-todo
ⓘ Flow: We should not introduce new breaking changes, if we get to the
point it might be required we should meet and discuss solutions like
possible backwards compatible solutions, feature switches or extracting
in a separate package.


✔ did some reviews
✔/➜ working on TypoScript Reference https://review.typo3.org/#/c/20999/
✔ discussed TypoScript / Node Type Refactoring with Karsten; discussed
separation between Neos and Neos.NodeTypes → goal: be able to remove
Neos.NodeTypes is wanted
✔ implemented TypoScript Prototype Inheritance ready to be merged:
➜ update the WIP changeset pushing aloha to the top bar
➜ TypoScript adjustments ( http://forge.typo3.org/issues/48275 )


✔/➜ working on TypoScript cleanup
https://review.typo3.org/#/q/topic:typoscript-cleanup,n,z (we plan to
merge it end of this week / beginning of next week)
✔/➜ working on Media Browser - looked at http://koken.me for inspiration
➜ more Integrator Guide work
☠ My MacBook is incredibly slow for some reason...


✔ Worked on jQuery UI upgrade
✔ Worked on the 'singleton element handles'
☠ Tried to do a POC for jackalope in TYPO3CR out of curiosity, but
didn't work because of missing support for composer features.
☠ Positioning elements in JS
➜ Make sure the jQuery UI upgrade works
➜ Finish the content element handles
➜ Working on a jsonapi.org based 'REST interface' for customer work
➜ Meeting with Simon Schaufelberger about his mailchimp post on the
mailing list
➜ Make the 'new content element overlay'
♫ Managed to install Symfony CMF and it has some installation glitches 


✔ used up the coordination budget and posted a summary to the Neos list
✔ started collecting topics and creating the project structure for the
coordination group on Forge
✔ went through various issues in the Flow tracker (half of them) for
clean up and getting an overview of blockers for 2.0
☠ need to earn some money, so busy with customer project
☠ need to release Flow 2.0, but no time for that currently


✔/➜ pushed bugfix - hidden content elements appear on live site
sometimes. Need some feedback on this one.
➜ working on "Change Node Type of Existing Node"


✔   done
➜   next steps
☠   impediment
ⓘ  background info
♫   celebrated
⚒   work
☃  snow
⚖  life / work balance in danger


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