[Neos] Styles folder

Rens Admiraal rens.admiraal at typo3.org
Sun May 19 20:11:05 CEST 2013


I can only remember settling for StyleSheet ago after a long discussion 
long long long ago, and afaik we had some kind of agreement on name the 
folder to it's actual content like the language (JavaScript) or the type 
of resources. And I find 'styles' quite general in that regard... We 
also didn't vote for 'Scripts'.

Personally I don't see a big + for Styles in regard to StyleSheet, and 
as such it would be smart to not break anything. Now the master could be 
kind a broken for people who use Neos already, although this is of 
course already true because of the javascript renaming.

I don't wanna block stuff or something, but I would vote for reverting 
this change. Renaming the inner structure of the JavaScript folder is 
different then renaming folders in Public/ while we just decided 
somewhere last year to communicate some kind of guideline which could be 
used by everyone as sane folder names...

Big +2 for working around our PageHead.html template, it would be really 
cool to have this javascript / stylesheet thing in TypoScript2


Op 5/18/13 08:34 , Sebastian Kurfürst schreef:
> Hey,
> Aske said they have discussed it somewhen and settled for Styles.
> +2 for renaming to a consistent naming; instead of overriding PageHead
> we rather should make sure everything which needs to be adjusted there
> can be done via TypoScript. Overriding PageHead.html completely should
> only be a last-resort to be needed in almost no project.
> Greets, Sebastian

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