[Neos] Styles folder

Rens Admiraal rens.admiraal at typo3.org
Sat May 18 00:08:34 CEST 2013

Hey all,

I just noticed that I played too much with amnesia spray, because I 
can't remember that we discussed the name of the StyleSheet / Styles 
folder again ;-) But this one has already been discussed for quite some 
time, and it's always a thing to talk about for a longer period of time 
and it seems like we can't really agree on a name... But we did a while 
ago, and we decided to change all packages to reflect that...

So just wondering, do we all agree that this folder is now named Styles 
(breaking change for sites with a custom PageHead.html, but still merged 
already), or should we revert and stick to StylSheet?

My 2 cents: stick to the old name, too much hazzle for people to change 
this again and there's nothing wrong with the name I'd say (nothing 
wrong with Styles either, but it is a change which makes the stuff feel 
unstable for people using Neos).


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