[Neos] Re: WCM in 2017

Rasmus Skjoldan rasmus at moc.net
Tue Jul 30 13:14:44 CEST 2013


Some mentions of what originally came out of this thread:

http://www.cmswire.com/cms/customer-experience/wcm-insights-what-web-content-management-will-look-like-by-2017-021869.php (has been one of the most popular articles on CMS Wire the last days)

..and a bunch of other places. Feel free to continue the debate and please share the Neos-related news. It's naturally important for us to grab attention prior to the 1.0 launch.

Fyi, we're now currently working hard on roadmapping Neos beyond 1.0 and are incorporating thoughts from www.slideshare.net/rasmusskjoldan/2017-wcm 

Top topic for me at the moment is UI structuring of editing & preview views.

PS: My right arm was put in plaster a couple of days ago so my design/wireframing speed is pretty crippled these days. Let me know if you could help out :-)

TYPO3 brand manager / Neos designer
rasmus at typo3.org

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