[TYPO3-50-general] "Non-unique result found for path" on node renaming

Adrian Föder adrian at foeder.de
Sun Jan 27 14:35:04 CET 2013

Hi List,

I was just up to rename the nodes to a nice readable "slug", when the 
greyed loading overlay didn't stop loading. I refreshed the whole page 
which resulted in an Exception #1328018972: Non-unique result found for 
path "/sites/mysite/flugplatz/anfluginfo"

Also trying to call the "parent" node with 
resulted in
#1328018972: Non-unique result found for path "/sites/mysite/flugplatz/main"

(note the magically added "main" at the end of the requested path; it 
that normal?

I assume my nodes are in some kind of "half state" regarding the 
workspace they belong to, maybe I know have two nodes with the same 
identifier in the same workspace or so? (however I totally don't know 
how the nodes are handled in such case).

Any Ideas what I could check or do in order to resolve this?

FYI; if I logoff the nodes are still completely the "old" ones, for 
example http://dev.internal.edsh.de/node502771126c5f7/node50277a063bc0f.html

Is there, for example, a way to wipe my workspace and start from one 
that is equal to the live WS?

Thanks and best,


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