[Neos] Event when Neos reloads content

Jan-Erik Revsbech janerik at moc.net
Tue Aug 27 14:11:03 CEST 2013

Christian Müller wrote:
>> Actually it did not work like this, but only with
>> jQuery(document).trigger('T3.Neos.Event.PageLoaded'); so I guess the
>> communication between the encapsulated jQuery and the site jQuery
>> provides some challenges. Will have to look into that.
> Mmmm, seems so, normally I would expect an event to be an event. But 
> then you probably used your outside jQuery to bind the event. That 
> wouldn't work for sites without jQuery. Maybe plain JS could be used? 
As far as I can see, triggering custom events in a browser independant 
manner (especially for IE <= 9) is not that easy, and would require the 
Site JS to do the actual listening in a specific way. It could be done, 
but would proably not be very pretty. Guess there is a reason why most 
JS-frameworks contains convenience methods for eventhandling:)
Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Another solution, would be to trigger the event via the global jQuery 
event, only if this is available. That would work for all sites that 
manually include jQuery, but would not work for non-jquery sites. I 
guess that is not a feasible way either...


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