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Rasmus Skjoldan rasmus at typo3.org
Thu Aug 22 12:24:48 CEST 2013

Hi Chris

Thanks a bunch for giving feedback on this!

> Hi Rasmus,
> i think you have done an excelent job in explaining the idea of the
> content in different context. and i like the concept very much.

Great - good to hear!

> but think the UI sketches are not Ideal. as it seems daunting task to
> scholl if you have a lot of "edit modes" or "previews". maybe a
> dropdown is more suited. to the purpose.

Yes, I've been over that option many times with the devs.

If you look at http://framework.dev.moc.net/wireframe.png - you'll see that I've moved the formatting bar down with the expanded Views menu. There, we could include more advanced selection like languages. The thing is: I really want this interface to be great for the 80% - which means we need to put in restrictions of first-layer of costumization of the selected view. 

Otherwise, we'll end up with something potentially over-complex and cluttered very quickly - for the editor. It's such a few people who would want to see more than 2 languages as editable views, for example. But for those who do, we naturally should provide advanced views...

That's for the editable views.

For preview views, it's quite different: We can change what's in the inspector when a preview mode is selected - so that you can costumize your preview view in unlimited ways. There you could start by selecting "Mobile" in the Views menu, then via the selector change language, persona, segment, A/B-version, device etc. etc.

But changing the inspector only works for Preview settings because the user (in an editable mode view) needs the full, normal inspector options to change visibility or whatever property. 

I thought of expanding the Inspector with 3 tabs - that would allow you to have all the advanced costumization of the editable mode after selecting the base version in the Views menu (in a seperate tab - so you'd have "Properties", "Analytics", "Edit mode stuff" or similar). But then again, we would confuse the normal (80%) user. To them, their properties would be gone - and there would be too great a distance across the screen from the selected Edit mode to the related Inspector stuff.

I also thought of changing the whole Views UI to have multiple drowdowns that, combined, would give you the editable mode - but again, much too complicated to work with for normal editors. That's basically the same as the Search tools in Google - but for Neos, we would end up in a gazillion things to choose between. 

This proposed UI puts the work on the implementer or agency - instead of on the user - which I think is the correct thing to do in order to keep it as simple as possible to "normal" editors. 

The agency would then typically need to talk (a lot) with the client about how to set up editable modes and previews to make it match the needs of their user groups. So the modes should never be rolled out in the Views menu automatically (apart from the very few defaults) but be configurable on installation basis. It would never make sense to put many edit modes in there. If you need something special, you go to advanced - or use a dropdown menu in the formatting bar to choose (typically language).

For the editor, I want them to just be able to push the buttons - go from one edit mode to another - to preview - and back. Without having to think about the contents and combinations of dropdowns.

I think the underlying question here might be this: Will implementers like to discuss this with their clients - and can they find the budgets to built the templates?

> or there might might e something liste this
> Commonlie Used Preview:
> [mobile] [web] [feed] | [all *]
> where [all*] is a dropdown which shows option wich are hidden because
> of screenspace restrictions.

I'm not totally sure I follow you. Could you quickly sketch that approach on a piece of paper and send a photo perhaps?

Thanks again!


> regards chris
> 2013/8/19 Rasmus Skjoldan <rasmus at typo3.org>:
>>> looks great :)
>>> I guess this could change how editors see there own content :)
>> The intention at least - is to help editors think about their content differently - and early on be thinking about different representations of the same core content. And thanks - do comment on it if you have ideas...
>> Best,
>> Rasmus
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