[Neos] Question regarding NEOS Installation & Setup

Gabriel Kaufmann | Typoworx info at typoworx.de
Mon Aug 19 15:00:14 CEST 2013

Hello Bastian,

> Your webserver should point to the "Web" directory, not to "Web/setup".
> Also make sure that mod_rewrite is active and that you are allowed to 
> override all options in .htaccess (or configure everything in your 
> httpd files).

thanks for that hint. I already thought it may be the problem (Web-Root 
on "Web/"). My problem is that I am using ispConfig for Administration 
and therefore I can't quickly switch the directory used as "Public 
Docroot" the easy way (without locking the vHost file to be changed by 
ispConfig furthermore).

I think there should be done something to make this more flexible (just 
like TYPO3 4.x and 6.x are). If I run into that trap on my own host, I 
think there'll also be a bunch of providers that are inflexible like 
that, too.

On the other side I also will take this in a bugtrack for ispConfig as I 
also know some web-hosters & panels also can solve this point more 
user-friendly, too.

Best regards

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