[Neos] Question regarding NEOS Installation & Setup

Gabriel Kaufmann | Typoworx info at typoworx.de
Mon Aug 12 22:07:52 CEST 2013

I tried to setup NEOS by using the latest alpha and these tutorials:



All I get after install is "No Database Connection" while trying to 
enter "setup"-mode.

My Dev-Environment (Linux/Apache2 PHP etc.) is running NEOS under a 
Sub-Directory of Docroot. I changed .htaccess to fit these path.

I already tried to setup NEOS on a subdomain some time ago - but ran 
into the same trap there.

I also tried setting up "Settings.yaml" manually after creating the 
Database (empty). But this also does not work as expected.

How can I NEOS get up and running? Does anyone have a tip or is this a 
current bug on alpha?

Best regards


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