[Neos] No backend "frontend" access anymore

Adrian Föder adrian at foeder.de
Sun Apr 21 14:50:43 CEST 2013

Hi folks,
after upgrading to latest master again, I suddenly am unable to browse a 
frontend node in backend mode, i.e. e.g. 
I get a 404, but actually the log says,

13-04-21 12:42:23  DEBUG     Neos 
TYPO3\Neos\Service\NodeService failed to retrieve a node for path 
"flugplatz/anflug at user-adrian" with message: No workspace found for 
request path "flugplatz/anflug at user-adrian"
13-04-21 12:42:23  DEBUG     Flow                 Router route(): No 
route matched the route path "flugplatz/anflug at user-adrian.html".
13-04-21 12:42:23  DEBUG                          No CSRF required, safe 
13-04-21 12:42:23  CRITICAL  Flow                 Uncaught exception 
#1303209195 in line 75 of 
No controller could be resolved which would match your request. Package 
key: "", controller name: "Standard" - See also: 201304211242227a5766.txt

Calling the page without the @-part works fine, however no backend 
"wrapper" is displayed then.

Any ideas what the problem could be here?

Thanks and best,


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