[TYPO3-50-general] Strange behavior when attempting to add new CEs

Adrian Föder adrian at foeder.de
Sun Sep 2 11:39:53 CEST 2012

aahh guuys... it's a browser issue!
When I noticed that also the Aloha Editor looks completely broken (and 
also, after Aloha pops up, a few seconds afterwards that start page gets 
ajax-loaded), I just used Chrome, and with Chrome it works!

The browser where it *didn't* work was Firefox 11, I'll just check 
whether it's still there with later versions...

aaaand it's even worse... :-/ When having a usual backend page, only the 
top Content/Management/Administration tabs are there, but *no* content 
element frame.

(I'll just attach the whole page as a screenshot, it's not a secret...)

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