[TYPO3-50-general] git problem -- checkout of phoenix breaks when it comes to some aloha plugins

Christof Adams christof.adams at online.de
Thu Aug 4 12:33:44 CEST 2011

Hey Sebastian,

thanks for your prompt answer. I'am now one step further.

status: git clone works on review.typo3.org with ssh and a on git.typo3.org 

in the management part  a mouseover turns blocks yellow and brings up two 
Buttons above right and one below right. nofunction.

a click or double click turns the block lightblue.

firefox error console gives:

Fehler: $ is not a function
Zeile: 159
Fehler: $ is not a function
Zeile: 193
Fehler: $ is not a function
Zeile: 269

this has to do with the handling of jquery code -> I will later test if the 
error is in the phoenix code or the browser

Fehler: require.js load timeout for modules: css!block/css/block.css 
Zeile: 786

perhaps a wrong path or it has to do with this warning.  

Warnung: Unbekannte Pseudoklasse oder Pseudoelement 'selection'.  Regelsatz 
wegen ungültigem Selektor ignoriert.
Zeile: 50

There are more warnings but i know its "code under active development". I will 
later check on this.

so the checkout is positive, aloha works only partially

Again thanks for your work



PS: Explorer on my virtual W7Ultimate shows no signs of aloha
Firefox gives same errors like under debian/

Am Do August 4 2011, 07:41:30 schrieb Sebastian Kurfürst:
> Hey Christof,
> > By this time,  i have the demo site runnung(debian amd64 squeeze), can
> > log in the management part. I get two buttons content and management,
> > but they are not working. next is a line which gives me some menue but
> > every entry leeds to 404.
> You're right, that's the current status ;) and it will improve soonish!
> > I learned from my readings on the net that there are some problems with
> > aloha. if this error is due to this fact i will wait. If its a
> > misconfiguration in the  git file please correct it or show me the right
> > way/address to file a bug
> We were aware of the problem, and yesterday/today I was finally able to
> push some fixes.
> Could you please test again, doing a fresh checkout?
> Aloha should now work!
> Greets,
> Sebastian
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