[TYPO3-50-general] The successor of TCA?

Michael Sauter mail at michaelsauter.net
Wed Jul 7 11:53:52 CEST 2010

On 07.07.10 10:43, Thomas Maroschik wrote:
> Am 06.07.10 14:54, schrieb Michael Sauter:
>> not sure if I understand all implications of this, but couldn't this be
>> achieved with only Fluid as well?
>> I think it should also be considered that Mozilla seems to be switching
>> away from XUL to HTML/CSS/JS (Jetpack) because this allows a broader
>> audience to write add-ons ...
>> In general, I would prefer as little different technologies as possible
>> - TYPO3 already has (too?) many of them in my eyes ;)
> Hi Michael,
> the problem with using Fluid is, that Fluid is rather an procedural
> language. Of course you can achieve anything with such a language, but
> in that case you would write Fluid wrappers for extdirect calls.
> XUL is more of a layout (domain specific) language. Think of it as a
> wireframe. It has no for loops or no real variables/data pointers. It is
> something like the description of the backends skeleton. Of course you
> could achieve this also with HTML/CSS/JS, but that defines just one
> Backend. If you put XUL between the controller layer and the HTML/CSS/JS
> or whatever view layer (schema: controller -> layout -> view) you have
> an abstract layer where the final view layer is interchangeable.
> Surely you can realize this all by using an own layout language like
> parts of tca, but if you use standards, the number of usable editors,
> tools and documentation increases massively.
> Greetings,
> Tom
> ___________________________
> Thomas Maroschik

Hi Tom,

thanks for the explanation!

Still ... as you could have Fuid viewhelpers specific to the task, it 
might be easier to go with Fluid. You could just use Fluid viewhelpers, 
no HTML/CSS/JS ... so in the end it might look very much like XUL ... 
and then have the viewhelpers render templates? (btw: what other 
backends then HTML/CSS/JS are you thinking of?)

Sure there are some advantages to XUL as you wrote, but then again 
probably almost everyone in the Typo3 community would need to learn it 
first ;) And I don't know if this is worth it - "just for TCA"?

And - could you explain a little what you meant with the 
ExtDirect-calls? ATM I somehow can't connect TCA and ExtDirect?! Thanks ;)


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