[TYPO3-50-general] Workflow support

Martin Eisengardt mep_eisen at web.de
Tue Oct 27 08:12:57 CET 2009

> + Versionning (tag + branches, automatic and by hand)
You mean tagging and branching of the workflows itself? A life version and a 
version re-designed by administrators and developers?

> + Multiple workflows
Bergmann says that there are typically two kind of workflows: event driven 
workflows and object driven workflows. An event driven workflow may be 
identified by a global key (f.e. the workflow "UserSelfRegistration"). The 
key must be known by the controller (or the view template) to start the 
An object driven workflow may be located by the class name of an object. 
Similar to a classic oop method name a workflow may be connected to a class. 
So you can start a workflow by invokeing something like 
"Manager::startObjectWorkflow($myObject, 'WorkflowName');" The system should 
determin the class hierarchy of $object and should try to find a workflow 
with given name.

> + Multiple stages (writer, reviewer, publisher, but best would be to be 
> free to define whatever one wants)
> + Multiple automatic actions (Email notification)
Can you give an example?

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