[TYPO3-50-general] just to argue a bit: What about Doctrine?

Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Mon Nov 9 10:40:54 CET 2009


On 07.11.09 12:35, Fernando Arconada wrote:
> I only want to know, Why the TYPO3/FLOW3 solution (of course i'm only 
> talking about ORM) it is better than Doctrine?
> Why dont integrate Doctrine?

Simply put, when we started Doctrine 2 was not yet around the corner.
And since it still shares most of the stuff we dislike about common ORM
tools, we'd still develop our own solution, probably: configuration.

In FLWO3 you simply define your model and are done. No XML, no SQL, no
anything. The actual persistence backend and data mapper are relatively
slim (when not taking the CR into account). We feel it's better than
using a tool that is far more flexible then we need, and eating the
configuration overhead as well.

The current way of storing data as done in the TYPO3CR is less than
ideal, but this is to be changed.

So, all in all we'll have a JSR-283 CR coupled with a slim "OOM tool"
that exactly fits our needs.

Does that sound sensible?


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