[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Nino Martincevic don at zampano.com
Tue Mar 24 15:38:26 CET 2009

Archetype patterns, like Party, might be included to a framework, yes.
So may others too...

The core answer to all the last posts (sadly being polluted by some "you 
think different, tell(me) strange things, therefore I'm offended" 
posters...) is the following:

One has to ask where the boundaries of (such) a framework are.
Is it a framework for creating a CMS, a CRM, an eCommerce framework or 
is it everything of it? Trying to build an all-purpose framework is a 
bit too enthusiastic, isn't it?

If you start implementing Party, continue with Person, Address and 
Organization you'll probably also have to include Product, Order, 
Customer, Invoice, etc., etc. some day.
Without a clear boundary you get lost.

Or you might create a web application only framework.
It would deal with the issues that are needed to build a web 
application. And nothing more.
And there are more than 100 millions of web apps.

Which "logical" entities, data types and archetype patterns you want to 
include without becoming a bazaar framework?
And what are the real benefits of that approach and what are you trying 
to solve?

An eCommerce framework would help in building an online shop.
General frameworks should help in the fields that are NOT part of the 
real applications (or domains), like ACL, Auth, Templating, MVC, i18n, 
Databases, web services. All the technical stuff.
There's enough space for them to grow, being optimized and successful.

But it's not their responsibility to lead developers to create 
"need-no-brain applications".

If developers need a "pre-thought" address class for creating their 
application than that's a sad fact.

"Do not try to bend the spoon; that's impossible. Instead only try to 
realize the truth: There is no spoon." - The Matrix


Robert Lemke schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Am 24.03.2009 um 13:18 schrieb Niels Pardon:
>> OASIS has a standard for address data:
>> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ciq
> Exactly, and that's the standard we'll use for the various parts in FLOW3
> and TYPO3 which deal with persons, organisations, addresses, accounts etc.
> There'll be a package "Party" which will implement most of the standard.
> Cheers,
> robert
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