[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Nino Martincevic don at zampano.com
Tue Mar 24 12:48:54 CET 2009

Don't know if I answered this already.

Martin Kutschker wrote:
> Something like "address" component to use eg as custmer's billing
> address in a shop or as event location in a calendar?

(More on that in the next reply)

Every few months or so a developer seems to have the brilliant idea to 
make the first reuse-everything-do-nothing-framework, filled with 
already designed objects and processes, to avoid the tedious and 
repetitive tasks you have when developing software.

Well, let me tell you: forget it, it's a dream - or even better: a blunder.

If you are buying a car you don't need to know how the engine works.

If you are driving a pizza delivery service you also don't need to know 
how your car is working. But probably you are interested in the loading 
capacity and the fuel consuption.

If you want to buy and sell cars you need to know a little more about 
the technics of cars. Beside that you have to know where and how to buy 
them, which legal issues to be aware of, etc.

And if you want to win the next Formula 1 season, well you have to know 
almost everything about your car, your special racing car. Besides 
things and technics you never heard and were not aware of.

Got the point?
A car is not always just a car. So isn't an address.

As long as things stay trivial you can reuse your knowledge and many 
supporting things like frameworks or already designed objects, like an 
i18n-aware address. But if things are becomimg more complicated, you 
have to go deeper into them.

Every newborn child has to learn how the world is running.

You are no exception. And especially developers aren't, because they try 
to model real world problems into software solutions. That's impossible 
without thinking about the details and understand it.

And you ALWAYS have to think about the stuff and problems you are trying 
to solve.


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