[TYPO3-50-general] Questions about FLOW3

Martin Kutschker masi-no at spam-typo3.org
Tue Mar 24 11:58:28 CET 2009

Timo A. Hummel schrieb:
> Hi Masi,
>> Something like "address" component to use eg as custmer's billing
>> address in a shop or as event location in a calendar?
> Yes, that's correct. An address is an address is an address - and each
> address needs the same basic methods and functionality - for example,
> each address needs to be aware of international addresses, which
> includes country-specific zip codes, street names etc. Of course, the
> address object would be composed of a ZIP object and various others.

That would indeed be great. I also thought that you could build an
application component framework on top of FLOW3. How about calling in
stream, river, lake, pond or something like that (think "flow" and "fluid")?


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