[TYPO3-50-general] Evaluating FLOW3 for a new project

Franz Koch typo.removeformessage at fx-graefix.de
Tue Mar 17 13:53:45 CET 2009

Hi Robert,

> sorry for the delay ...

no problem - the customer seems not to be the fastest on decisions - so 
you're answer is still in time :)

>> - Are the interfaces already 'stable' enough to not get changed
>> frequently until Beta?
> Interface will probably change here and there until we have a beta
> release. However, the most important APIs (ie. MVC and persistence)
> should become stable enough somewhen in April.

Thought so - but sounds not to bad for the intended project.

>> - How is the current speed situation of the DB?
> Improving ;-)
> While we used Zend Lucene it was incredibly slow. Karsten recently
> started implementing our own indexing / search solution for the TYPO3CR.
> After two days of work it was already 10 times faster. But it's not
> fully functional yet.

good to hear that you found a bottleneck - sounds promising.

> To be honest, we don't know yet how the TYPO3CR behaves with a lot of
> data in a realistic application. But we'll soon find out because we'll
> soon have a realistic application: Last year I turned down my website
> (robertlemke.de) and installed FLOW3. The goal is to get my site running
> again ASAP - based on TYPO3 v5.

I'll keep track of that.

>> - Is lazy loading already implemented?
> No, but it's planned of course.
>> - is the ACL stuff finished?
> No, not finished. And we haven't yet started implementing content security
> at all.

That's something I'd for sure need for the project - but could also 
implemented with some workarounds until finished I think.


kind regards,
Franz Koch

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