[TYPO3-50-general] FLOW3CGL needs work!

Malte Jansen mail at maltejansen.de
Thu Mar 5 09:56:11 CET 2009

Karsten Dambekalns schrieb:
> Hi.
> On 03.03.2009 21:05 Uhr, Malte Jansen wrote:
>> Error in Warning Detail
>> C:\h\Packages\Global\PHPUnit\Resources\PHP\PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase.php:0 
>> SplObjectStorage::serialize() must return a string or NULL
> Seems like there some SplObjectStorage *somewhere* and PHPUnit tries to 
> serialize it (or the class where it is used).

I have check the class twice:
there are just some:
- trim
- substr
- and some extended ArrayObjects

So it could just be the extended ArrayObject, but I'm using them in 
other classes too without any problems.

> Does looking at a stack trace help?
Is there somewhere a log?
When I var_dump the trace in the PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase directly I 
get the output of many pages.

I have added a very small screenshot.
It's not in a normal test (function) of a TestCase.



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