[TYPO3-50-general] Typo3 5 and Multilanguage-Support

Andreas Prucha ancpru at gmx.net
Tue Feb 10 19:11:19 CET 2009

First Hi to everybody - I am new on this list.

I hope I am on the right place to make my comments:

During my last T3-Project I ran into several problems with multilanguage-support in T3. Primarily the problem was, that the site could not be strictly single-tree because local departments of the company wanted to maintain special pages. But since the majority of the pages were common pages, maintaining multiple tress was also not the right approach.

Are there plans for changes of the concept of multilanguage-support in T35? If yes, are there already some ideas?

My primary issues with the current concept are:

- Default Language. 

I'd hope that we could get rid of the "Default" language, in order to bring all languages on an equal level. Definition of a default or fallback-language could be done by configuration. (I had the problem that a customer first wanted German as default langauge against my recommendation, but later notified that English would be a better idea). 

- User Access Rights

At the moment, a user may access data of a specific language, or not. If the user may access Default language, he can also edit it. If he does not have the right, he cannot create a a new local page because there is no page in the Default language. Getting rid of the "Default language"-concept would also solve this problem. But independend of this, it would be nice if access rights could be fine-tuned, giving a user right to *read* data of a specific language (including the right to translate from it), or to edit data of a specific language.

I have a few more ideas about multilanguage-support, but these are my primary wishes. What do you guys think?

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