[TYPO3-50-general] Technical concepts for TYPO3 v5 backend

Martin Kutschker masi-no at spam-typo3.org
Mon Feb 9 12:21:07 CET 2009

Thomas Allmer schrieb:
> Martin Kutschker wrote:
>> Anway, there is all kind of stuff you can do nowadays with JS to get a
>> decent and powerful UI. I can imagine that you can many fields in a
>> retro way with many boring server-client round-trips, but I guess that
>> there are limits. How shall an RTE field work without JS? Do you suggest
>> to use only RTEs with a limited feature set that BBcode and friends
>> offer.
> no, that's not what I said...
> it just means that there must be an textarea and if js is enabled it
> should be replaced by a real RTE. However we start at the textarea :)

But how shall a blind user be able to edit the HTML code created by
seeing users with the help of an RTE? if the answer is he cannot then I
wonder why we would need PE at all.


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