[TYPO3-50-general] Technical concepts for TYPO3 v5 backend

Thomas Allmer at at delusionworld.com
Fri Feb 6 12:50:54 CET 2009

Denyer Ec wrote:
> I'm a big fan of the progressive-enhancement mentality. It guarantees
> support for whatever you're doing on almost any platform for starters.
> (Yes, I occasionally have to use Lynx from a terminal...)

I think it's really powerful, due to the reason you mentioned and 
because it helps developing the same thing with different js.

> Your example didn't seem to work in FF2, though. Worked fine in Opera
> 10 nightly though.

*hehe* yeah FF2 doesn't support "display: inline-block;" but it's just a 
demo - so I can life with that...

> Also a fan of MooTools, so nice to see that getting some daylight ;)

yeah I love it and in my opinion it has the nicest code style. I would 
like to create an alternative layout for TYPO3v5 in MooTools so I hope 
they go with something that follows more the progressive enhancement 
method than ExtJS seems to do.

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