[TYPO3-50-general] Getting started with FLOW3

Tim Eilers tim.eilers at web.de
Mon Apr 13 19:16:31 CEST 2009

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> We plan to publish a series of short videos, more documentation and
> articles throughout the next weeks, so you'll probably want to wait
> until then. Alternatively - if you're brave enough - you can already
> check out our Blog Example at
> https://svn.typo3.org/FLOW3/Distribution/branches/BlogExample/
> But be warned - this is work in progress and not everything will work as
> expected.

Hi Robert,

i tried the BlogExample today and i am aware of that it won't work as
expected everywhere. But i found a strange error. Where should issues
for the BlogExample generally go to?
There is no Project / Package for it in forge. The "Bug" tracker in the
distribution project is disabled.

For the case that there is no offically place, here it is:
Calling the Lorem Ipsum entry of the example blog i get this:

DateTime::__construct() [datetime.--construct]: Failed to parse time
string (26/03/2009) at position 0 (2): Unexpected character

I decoupled it from FLOW3 and tried it in a very simple php file ( $test
= new DateTime("26/03/2009"); ) and got the same. At the moment i do a
research where the real error is located. I believe the php developers
made a mistake, but i am not sure. Anyone else got this problem?


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