[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3 - Array Syntax and View Helpers

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Wed Oct 29 11:16:17 CET 2008

Sebastian Kurfürst wrote:

Hi Sebastian,

first: thanks for your great work so far, I'm excited about the speed 
that this idea is getting concrete!

> First of all, I implemented array access syntax in Beer3

Great stuff and I think, it's a good alternative to the 

> So, we only allow associative arrays at this place.

Well, no beer is perfect ;)

> It would be really great if you read over these things and tell me if 
> something is missing

nice collection!
some suggestions regarding the naming:

I prefer <f3:loop over="..." as="..."> over the for each syntax, as this 
reminds me too much of the PHP foreach, though it might be different 
(see below). But I guess, both is ok!

Regarding links and URIs (we decided to stick with "URI" instead of 
"URL" in FLOW3 context):
I wouldn't use the word "link" as top-level element. Actually it's more 
a "URI-helper" and link is one "sub-helper" (that's how it's handled in 
RoR too: 
So maybe it could be:

<f3:uri.linkTo action="...
<f3:uri.uriFor action="...


<f3:uri.tag action="...
<f3:uri action="...

Similar thing with the image:

<f3:image.tag maxWidth="...
<f3:image.uri maxWidth="...
if you only want to use the URI of the generated image..

Don't know.. I'm not perfectly happy with this either, but I think it's 
already a bit more consistent.

A few more helpers I can think of at the moment (some of them probably 
shouldn't  be part of the core though):

- Form (input, select, submit, ....) - That's probably provided by some 
form engine..

- Email (that's probably part of the URI helper)

- L10N... black hole ;)

- General formatters (raw, integer, float, rich text) -  by default 
{post.title} should be htmlspecialchar'ed of course.

- Grid <f3:grid headers="{col1:'POST ID', col2:'POST TITLE'}" 
columns="{col1:'id', col2:'title'}" for="{posts}" />  ...something like 
that - Or at least some general table helper.

And I think, there could be some more (optional) view helper parameters 

<f3:loop over="{posts}" as="post" key="index" counter="i"...

And all tag based helpers (image, link, ...) should allow all/most of 
the existing (X)HTML attributes like:

<f3:image width="..." maxWidth="..." title="..." rel="..." ...

Even though that would bloat the view helpers quite a bit (another 
reason why we should use view helper classes rather then methods to be 
able to extend some abstract "tagbased" view helper).

> is there anybody here who would like to help programming the templatingengine with me?

I'll be quite busy with the Routing until the first release. But I'll 
happily help wherever I can!


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