[TYPO3-50-general] Roadmap question

Rik Willems rik at actiview.nl
Tue Oct 28 10:53:00 CET 2008

Hi all,

First of all, congratulations with the succesful transition days and the 
combining of the two core teams. A very good step!

Now my question, which I hope is in the right place here. While reading 
through the new roadmap I noticed that versioning and workspaces are 
scheduled for v5.1. I wondered why versioning is not part of FLOW3. This 
seems to be something every application build on such a framework can 
use very well. Now I must admit I'm not a very good programmer so it 
might be I just misunderstand the entire concept. Hopefully someone can 
enlight me.

Thanks in advance for your response.


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