[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3, really a good solution?

Niels Fröhling niels.froehling at adsignum.com
Mon Oct 27 17:20:10 CET 2008

>> Maybe. I like to basically be able to /program/ a whole GUI in a  
>> sandbox
>> running in my FireFox without being connected to the internet, instead
>> of re-loading a frame-content of the CMS all over again, or if that
>> would have impact on data, to repeat all the steps to reproduce the
>> test-case that bugged me.
> I did not really understand what you mean here and what this means for  
> BEER3 / FLOW3 / Templating.
> Maybe you can enlighten me :-)
 Hm. It just means that if a server-side XSLT-engine would drive Typo, I 
would also be able to download the XSLTs, and debug my GUIs client.-side 
in my FireFox (or any other capable browser).

 Reproducing a specific case of state of Typo to debug your GUI is 
error-prone itself. Especially if the state is for example the result of 
a data-manipulation, which then requires to be carefull.

 If the state (in the form of a XML) could just be side-streamed, and I 
load the case into my Firefox with the XSLT, I can much more 
conveniently debug my XLST. And continue progress of developing my XSLT, 
adding features, etc. pp. Finally I upload my new XSLT and optimally it 
just works (I hope there won't be a difference between server- and 
client-side XSLT-engine).

 BTW: I'm talking about debugging XML and XSLT, not the aplication, or 
the extension.


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